Toledo Mindfulness Institute

Toledo Mindfulness Institute

Classes In Session:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness in Education

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Toledo Compassion

The Toledo Mindfulness Institute provides mindfulness training to the greater Toledo area and Northwest Ohio region. As a local resource for mindfulness, our mission is to foster community and connection through education and outreach.

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Mindfulness Course Offerings:

Introduction to Mindfulness

Intro to Mindfulness
Course Date:
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Part 1: Basic Mindfulness &  Presence

6-week sessions: Tuesdays, 6-8 pm

  • March 26- April 30 2019

  • May 14- June 25 (skip 6/11) 2019

  • September 3- October 8 2019

Session 1: Seated Mindfulness of Breath Meditation Practice

Session 2: Clarify the Concept and Purpose of Mindfulness  & Using Ritual to Anchor Your Mindfulness Practice

Session 3: Extending Mindfulness: Mindful Walking

Session 4: Foundations of Mindfulness

Session 5: Foundations of Mindfulness, Continued

Session 6: Ethical Foundations of Mindfulness Practice

Part 2: Extending Mindfulness to Compassion & Kindness

Mindfulness Part 2
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6-week sessions: Tuesdays, 6-8 pm

  • October 15 – November 19

Session 1: Cultivating Self Compassion

Session 2: Cultivating Compassion for Others

Session 3: Cultivating Compassion for Difficult People

Session 4: Seeing Through Greed

Session 5: Seeing Through Anger

Session 6: Seeing Through Apathy

Part 3: Grounding Mindfulness in the Wisdom of Impermanence

6-week sessions: Tuesdays, 6-8 pm

  • Dates Coming Soon

Session 1: Noticing Impermanence

Session 2: Making Friends with Impermanence

Session 3: Making Impermanence Your Ally

Session 4: Understanding Non-dual Awareness

Session 5: Experiencing Non-Dual Awareness

Session 6: Integrating Non-Dual Awareness


Mindfulness in Education

Part 1:  Mindfulness Basics for Educational Settings

 *Prerequisite:  Introduction to Mindfulness Part 1

Mindfulness in Education
Couse Dates:
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2-week sessions: Saturdays, 8am-3pm

  • November 2nd & December 7th, 2019

Mindfulness Basics

  • Teachers

    • Why Mindfulness for Teachers?

    • Clarify the need and scope of Mindfulness in school settings

    • General Benefits

    • General Research

    • Personal Practice

      • Self-care

      • Developing a mindfulness practice

  • Students

    • What is Mindfulness from a child’s point of view?

    • Benefits for Children

    • Research in Education

    • Routines

      • Morning Meeting

      • Transitions

      • Getting Attention

Mindfulness Toolbox Starter Kit

  • Teachers

    • Mindfulness Meditation

    • Breathing Techniques

    • Supportive Apps

  • Students

    • Mindful Minute

    • Breathing Techniques

Mindful Movement

  • Yoga poses for calming, grounding, and developing body-awareness

  • Mindful Walking for Children 

Body-Mind Connection

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Mindful Eating for children

  • Mindful Coloring

Mindfulness, Emotions & The Brain

  • Neurobiology & Mindfulness

  • Feeling, observing, & managing emotions

Mindful Classroom Management

  • Teachers

    • Expectations

    • Engaging Lessons

    • Be responsive

    • A prepared classroom

    • Mindful leadership

    • Mindfulness break area(s)

  • Students

    • Self-directed mindfulness breaks

    • Mindfulness Corner/Area

    • Validate emotions and give tools to work through them

Part 2:  Mindfulness to Develop Compassion & Kindness in  Educational Settings

  • Training Dates for 2019 & Further Details Coming Soon




Mindful Speech & Listening



Part 3:  Mindfulness to Develop Wisdom in Educational Settings

  • Training Dates for 2019 & Further Details TBA


Cause & Effect

Dealing with Emotions

Mindfulness Camp for Teens

Mindfulness Camp for Teens
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  • Week of 8/5/2019, Mon-Fri, 9-11 am

  • Toledo Mindfulness Institute, 6537 Angola Rd., Holland

  • $150

  • Teens will learn a variety of mindfulness techniques to improve focus and attention, deal with difficult emotions and stress, create a sense of peace and calm, and develop their sense of interconnectedness and compassion. Activities include mindful movement, various meditation practices, walking a labyrinth, mindful eating, and direct instruction about specific breathing exercises.

  • Instructor: Jenn McCullough

    • Certified Mindfulness Educator, implementing mindfulness programs in various schools in the Toledo area & leading the Mindfulness in Education Curriculum for Toledo Mindfulness Institute

    • Certified Yoga Instructor & Owner of Integration Yoga with Jenn

    • Over 25 years of experience working with children and in the healing arts

    • Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and graduate work in Special Education


Jay Weik – Founder and Executive Director
Karen Weik – Associate Director


Wes Bullock – Psychology and Mindfulness: offering specialty classes for counselors, social workers, and therapists.


Jenn McCullough – Education, Yoga, and Mindfulness: offering specialty classes for community organizations, yoga teachers, educators, and students.


Michael Leizerman – Law and Mindfulness: offering workshops for lawyers.


Anthony Fontana – Corporate Mindfulness: offering training and consulting for high-stress the workplace.